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So where are they now?

By Laureen Martinez, Chief Public Relations Officer When I ask people ( and believe me I talk to a lot of folks in our community) what they think of when they think of the Red Cross, most say disasters, blood and CPR. What I … Continue reading

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The day that changed us – 10 years after 9/11

By Laureen Martinez, American Red Cross Mid-Florida Region Communicator Like so many of us, I vividly remember the morning of September 11, 2001. My phone rang, my mother said “turn on the TV” and I spent about 2 minutes staring at … Continue reading

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“DAT” Superteam

By Robert Kramel, American Red Cross Volunteer     My wife and I move around the country a lot, it happens about every two years. We have done this since the start of our marriage seven years ago. Even while moving … Continue reading

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Why you should know everything about Emily

Let me introduce you to Emily. Tropical Storm Emily. While I don’t know her all that well (after all we just met!). I have a feeling we may get close.  So,  I’m taking her seriously. And you should too.  By that I … Continue reading

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Vacation Lodge – After the Fire

By Sheridan Becht, Red Cross Volunteer When Jack returned to his extended stay motel after a long day of shuttling families to theme parks in his taxi specially equipped to handle wheelchairs, he found his neighbors standing in the parking … Continue reading

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The Changing World of CPR

By Valerie Moses My first introduction to CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) took place when I was in middle school. As pre-teens hoping to make some extra money, my sister and I had signed up for a babysitting course with the American … Continue reading

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Disaster Preparedness and College

By Valerie Moses Last week, as each crash of thunder resonated outside, I huddled inside my dorm room with no idea of what to do next. I had walked across campus through rain before, but with the weather this severe, … Continue reading

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Intern of 21st Century

By Valerie Moses As an Advertising/Public Relations student at the University of Central Florida, I am always interested in learning about the ways that different people and groups pass on their messages. Hundreds of years ago, local businesses advertised through … Continue reading

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Life as an Intern: Part II

By Valerie Moses Interning for the American Red Cross means learning something new every day. Regardless of any ongoing projects I may have, there is always room to develop a new skill or gain knowledge about particular organizational procedures. Whether … Continue reading

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Interning at the Red Cross

By Valerie Moses At the American Red Cross Mid-Florida Region, there is never a dull moment. When disaster strikes, staff and volunteers must be prepared to provide relief and support to the affected families, and so no two days are … Continue reading

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