Disaster Preparedness and College

By Valerie Moses

Last week, as each crash of thunder resonated outside, I huddled inside my dorm room with no idea of what to do next. I had walked across campus through rain before, but with the weather this severe, was I still expected to attend my first class? After receiving emails about the day’s tornado watch, I ultimately chose my safety over my academics.

However, other than that, I didn’t really know what else to do. I have always assumed that my building was secure enough to withstand a lot, but hearing about the aftermath of these storm throughout the state had a sobering effect on me. In the case of another storm, what would I do to protect myself?

Many college students aren’t aware of how to prepare for these natural disasters. When we are home, we rely on our parents (as we always have) to know what to do in the event that the unthinkable does happen. But when we are away at school, we solely expect the university or the apartment complex to plan our emergency responses for us.

As adults, however, we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves. We should figure out our plans in the event of a disaster so that if the time comes, we are ready. For college students, taking a class at the Red Cross could be both life-changing and life-saving. The skills we learn now will be vital when we move into our own houses and start our own families.

For tips on creating your own emergency plan, click here. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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