Life as an Intern: Part II

By Valerie Moses

Interning for the American Red Cross means learning something new every day. Regardless of any ongoing projects I may have, there is always room to develop a new skill or gain knowledge about particular organizational procedures. Whether compiling media lists, writing about an upcoming event or interviewing local volunteers, I am often challenged to perform a task I’ve never tried before.

Today was no different. This morning, the other interns and I received our first lesson in media training. As someone who tends to shy away from the cameras and public speaking, the idea of media training made me both nervous and excited. I have always admired our supervisor, Chief Public Relations Officer Laureen Martinez, for her abilities to communicate effectively with the media, and I knew that the lesson would be beneficial.

After participating in mock-interviews on camera with Laureen and another reporter who had come in to give us pointers, I definitely feel more confident in my ability to speak on television or even in front of others. The constructive criticism we each received will help us in the future, if we ever need to speak on behalf of the organization after a local disaster, or even if we just want to talk to the press about an upcoming event.

Because I am interning for an organization that communicates well with the public, I too am learning how to best express myself on behalf of such an amazing organization!

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